New England native Steve Sleeper finds his muse in the natural beauty of his home region and an affinity for music that began in childhood. A lifetime resident of the state of Connecticut with centuries of family roots in Maine including ancestors who came over on the Mayflower, he finds solace and joy in Christian worship and praise through music. Time spent at Shenandoah Conservatory and subsequent training in recording engineering cemented his attenuation to music. His mostly-acoustic style, infused with his love of bluegrass music, is a perfect accompaniment to his expressive voice and straightforward songwriting style. His breakout single “Jesus I Come” was penned in 1887 by his great-great-great-great uncle, minister and hymn writer William True Sleeper, who founded a number of churches in Maine, several of which still stand today.


As the parents of a daughter with cerebral palsy, life has not always been easy for Steve and his wife Michelle, but in their 18-year journey with her they have discovered the profound power of faith that is often revealed only in life’s most trying times. In this regard, Steve describes his daughter as his “greatest teacher” and revels in the simple joy she expresses in life’s everyday moments.



Now, with his three children grown and on their way, Steve is ready to turn his attention more fully to songwriting, recording and performing along with his ongoing service as worship leader and member of the building team at his home church, the Worship Center in Hebron, CT, carrying on the tradition begun by his forebears.